The Northern Orthodox Church

Founded in 2021 Vancouver Canada by  Benjamin Dixon, Our Mission is to restore Christianity to its original truth. We support those who support us and hope to restore the beauty of old school western civilization back to our communities. We love classic music, dance, art, and oil and gas.



Benjamin David Dixon


Benjamin Dixon is the founder of the Northern Orthodox Church and Lives in Nelson BC Canada. He  loves classic ballet, choirs, flower gardens, heavy machinery, and oil and gas. His favorite trinity is the tricone drill bit. Benjamin  grew up in rural British Columbia Canada and has spent a considerable amount of time downhill skiing, Playing baritone saxophone, longboarding, rock climbing, and riding fast motorcycles. Past careers include, licensed Driller, Red seal electrician, commercial diver, and forestry silverculture.


Orthodox Tux the Saint

Tux is here on a special mission to help Benjamin Dixon build the Northern Orthodox Church website. Benjamin Dixon has Bestowed the title of Sainthood to Mr.Tux for his software excellence. This website would not be possible without Saint Tux, Linux Mint, Inkscape, Gimp, (Free open source software), the linux community, and a 10 year old laptop. Patriarch Benjamin with only basic computer skills was hesitant to take on such a project but Saint Tux Reminded our church father that “content is King”.

Saint Tux is far from his original birthplace, and now lives in a “cloud based system” (otherwise known as heaven),  his father Larry Ewing now lives in Austin Texas with his Wife Kristy and their other children Eva and Hazel. Saint Tux also still keeps in Touch with his Uncle Simon Budig in Germany.

The ichthys is Saint Tux’s favorite religious symbol. Our Patron Saint loves airconditioning, sockeye salmon, iced lattes, classic ballet, oil and gas, christian church choirs, high windchill factors, and the Northern Orthodox Church.


These drawings are copyrighted by Larry Ewing and Simon Budig ( also by Anja Gerwinski), redistribution is free but has to include this README/Copyright notice.


Thanks for the free use of photos.