Inner Christianity

Richard Smoley has assembled a broad nonsectarian perspective of esoteric christianity.  This book is a great place to start.


This is old school eastern orthodox christianity, also known as the 4th way. This book is a must, and is as close as it gets to the truth. If I was only going to own one book this would be it.

In Search of the Miraculous

Introduces the reader to the G.I. Gurdjieff. and the 4th way.

Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection

What you believe as an Individual really does matter. This book will educate the reader on the consequences of believing lies as truth. Reading The Fate of Empires and the search for survival by Sir john Glubb before reading this book will help the reader understand why the world today is the way it is, then you will begin to see what an important commodity you are.

The Fate of Empires and the search for Survival

This book outlines the formula EVIL  uses time and time again. We are now in the age of decadence, Universities, feminism, multiculturalism, sexual dysphoria. The author of this book did not know the reason why these same events always occur before an empires end, you will need to educate yourself about EVIL to answer that question. Evil is leading us to the slaughterhouse like a carrot leads a donkey. Have you seen the movie the Truman Show?

Riding the Wave

This book is essential reading. The STO/STS freewill universe is outlined here. Think of this series of books as safety training and education to begin ones progress of soul building.

New Light on the Black Death

Author Mike Baillie is Professor of Dendrochronology at Queen’s University, Belfast, He is convinced that the first wave of this disease was airborne, caused by comet strikes.

Character Disturbance

This book is a great place to start, both for cleaning up your outer life and starting to examine your inner life and begin to decode what is soul and what is not.

The vegetarian Myth

You are what you eat. How do you expect to build consciousness without eating meat? Take a guess at what diet is best for your spiritual defense.

The Gnostic Bible

A great addition for anyones library. My favorite is “Thunder”. 

Without Conscience

A must read to understand how evil uses  compassion to manipulate you. To evil compassion is a weakness to be exploited. I like how the author Dr. Robert Hare tells about his own naivety in the early stages of his work.

Torqueflite A-727

The most holy transmission in existence, trinity speed(3), robust, reliable and best of all very, very, fuel inefficient. The big block version has more Jesus points. This transmission is a must for anyperson pushing back against EVILS’s  CO2 causes climate change nonesense.

Social Intelligence

A worthwhile read for anyone working to develop Consciousness or self improvement.

Thinking Fast and Slow

Have you ever wondered what thoughts are actually your own? This book is a good start to learn about your own mind.

Super tune and modify holley carburators

Hands down the most fuel inefficient choice for your automobile, the holley 4150 double pumper. The only thing better than the 4150 double pumper is two 4150’s. Pair old school Christianity with old school fueling choices for your vehicle.