They’re are many good Catholic people who are disgusted by the behavior of the Vatican, so I separate the Vatican from Catholic’s. Perhaps this will help Catholic’s better understand the behavior of the Vatican.
The Vatican from the very start was created by evil itself, for the purpose of earasing truth; the truth being the purpose of life itself. Evil had to leave some truth in the church to build an army to do it’s bidding. The underlying christian values are important to create a stable society to support an army and re-program society. The viking’s were “converted” by the Vatican, The Celts, Cathars,and many other cultures. Many books were burned by the Vatican and Many people were killed. The Nag Hammadi library was buried for a purpose, to save the liturature. What the Vatican labels as heresy generaly gets one closer to the truth.

The Sack of Constantinople is one of many examples of the behaviour embraced by the vatican. Always look at what a person or orginization does, and not what they say. This is STS behaviour, and is not STO. Notice that works of art were not only stolen, but destroyed as well, destroyed to erase the truth.



The Crusaders looted, terrorized, and vandalized Constantinople for three days, during which many ancient and medieval Roman and Greek works were either stolen or destroyed. The famous bronze horses from the Hippodrome were sent back to adorn the fa├žade of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, where they remain. As well as being stolen, works of immeasurable artistic value were destroyed merely for their material value. One of the most precious works to suffer such a fate was a large bronze statue of Hercules, created by the legendary Lysippos, court sculptor of Alexander the Great. Like so many other priceless artworks made of bronze, the statue was melted down for its content by the Crusaders.[9][citation needed]



The Vatican is now doing its best to destroy Catholicism, as even Catholicism has too much truth in it for Evils liking, the underlying Christian virtues are now a thorn in Evils side, Individuals who know that they are responsible on a spiritual level for their actions is an impediment to the Satanic agenda. Evil is now on a crusade to create a world religion of enviromental extremism, a perfect control system for the ignorant masses. Worshiping the enviroment is an excellent way to achieve zero spiritual growth during a lifetime, and is perfect for evils agenda.