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It makes me happy to see stuff like this, excerpt from the article:

Elisabeth and Rune Dalseth, are part of a 6,000 strong movement of Norwegian Viking revivalists – and even named their six-month-old baby after the legendary Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok.

Rune explained that friends from the movement, which works to preserve and continue pagan rituals, were keen to be involved in what would be the ‘first Viking wedding since the downfall of the fierce warriors nearly 1,000 years ago’.

The also article states:

Elisabeth and Rune are keen to challenge the horned helmet-wearing seafarers’ reputation for violence, rape and pillage.

Rune, who owns his own carpentry company, said: “Vikings were no more terrible than any other group of people living at that time.”


I agree with Elizabeth and Rune, When The Nordic “Mythology” speaks of battles, it is refering to the battle to overcome your lower self to create true conciousness, a soul. It is obvious that at one time the Nordic culture was STO. I am assuming the “evil reputation” the vikings have aquired has been greatly assisted by actuall evil itself to discredit truth. We see this happen regularly in the modern day, like in journalism for example. I would also suggest that the vikings put up a big defensive fight as their culture of truth was wiped out, and a new “order” was imposed upon them.