Klaus Dona Pyramid

https://www.klausdonachronicles.com/ Have you heard about the Klaus Dona pyramid? Perhaps now it will make sense. Read the book THE FATE OF EMPIRES AND SEARCH FOR SURVIVAL, authored by Sir John Glubb: Also read EARTH CHANGES AND THE HUMAN-COSMIC CONNECTION by PIERRE LESCAUDRON. Evil follows a specific formula that works very well, Death by nonsense, planned “slaughter” or harvest. Perhaps now your starting to realize you are a very valuable commodity. So what team are you on? Perhaps you are playing the middle road that leads to a “dead end”? Team Evil is reserved for the top elites, It is a reward based system and the lower ranks receive none of the “spiritual” reward. You need to be at the top of the pyramid on evils team. That’s what the eye of providence represents. Same artifact style, Same evil. This artifact remains in the public view because the rules of the creator require it, to meet “free will requirements”. 99.999% of artifacts are locked away, elites only. True human history is nothing like what we are “told”. https://www.facebook.com/248489818942722/posts/this-is-the-only-known-artifact-of-a-pyramid-with-an-eye-inlay-13-steps-and-the-/940604189731278/