-Egyptians Diefied “emanations” of the supreme unknowable head god, grouping them into trinitys, a whole hiearchy of trinitys. (In Christian literature, the “One” is higher than the “Father”). -Pharoahs were Horus,raised by Isis, and Osiris took care of the “dead” pharoah in the “Kingdom of the dead” Egyptian trinity, Isis=mother, Horus=son, Osiris=father. -in egyptian mythology “Father” and “Son” were of one essense and inseperable. -Osiris was “Truth”, & those that “Ate” him became “Truth”( each of them became another osiris as well) -ancient egyptian scripture: As truly as Osiris lives, so truly shall his followers live, as truly as Osiris is not dead, he shall die no more,as truly as Osiris is not annihilated he shall not be annihilated. Giza pyramid complex, 3 great pryramids, orions belt 3 stars. “Mintaka”, “Anilam”, Alnitak. Finally, Osiris was the higher aspect the pharaoh sought to become after death. -Osiris was also considered a “fertility” god.(Fertility meant helping to “birth” everlasting life-heaven) -egyptian saying consisting of 3 Ra’s, – “I am khepeRa in the morning,Ra at noon, and RaAtum in the evening. -upper and lower egypt, symbols of the two joined together on Pharoahs,(crowns, glyphs, ect) Indicate a higher and lower self joined together, an upper and lower trinity becoming one, 2Trinity.
Invocation of Soul Memory I am the keeper of my Akashic Records, af all which is, and which shall be. Eternity it is and Everlastingness. Oh, Three Paths and Two Pillars; open your portals! Invocation of the Divine Beloved Hail only One, shining from the moon; hail only One,shining from the moon; bring forht Gods those whom I am the beloved. Hail Soul, mighty of valour! Verily I am here; I have come, I have hidden myself with you, creating sacredness in private. Invocation of Divine Identity ; If ye are in Heaven or on earth; in the south or in the north, or in the west, or in the east; I am the only One in your bodies, I am the pure one of eye, not shall I die a second time, my moment is in your bodies, all forms are my habiitation; I am he who is not known; the rosy-faced beings are with me, I am the Unveiled!